Address: Industrial Zone, Haspolat / Nicosia
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Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd. was established in 1977 by the deceased Mr. Hasan ERSÖZLÜ and grew in the direction of the principles of honesty and industriousness. In our country where consumption increases and production continuously declines, our company which adapted the idea to itself that existence will only be possible by production, has made the firsts come true by always signing under the most modern investments by thinking big within this frame.

Gurdag laid the foundation of Gurdag Industrial Structure Elements Factory in May 2006. After work at which superior performance was displayed and construction which lasted for one year, the most modern structure elements factory with the system of German Zenith AZ 865 full robotic technology which no other establisment within not only the North of Cyprus but the interior of region geography could possess and which will be the pride of T.R.N.C., was established. Our company which began its test production in February 2007, has started its mass production as of May 2007. Gurdag Industrial Structure Elements Factory is the largest and only factory in T.R.N.C. which was constructed by designing up to %100 CE standards, carrying out the production of light and insulated IZOBIMS by concrete flooring and covering stones, capable of production at EU standards. Today, Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd. is a big and market stabilizing establishment carrying out production in Cyprus by %100 domestic capital under whose structure a personnel of more than 100 employees work. Many of Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd’s products are unique to it. Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd has ISO 9001 and 14001 and CE certificate.

Clay Bricks 15 000 000 pieces/year Paving Stone 250 000 m²/year Mineralized Paving Stone 150 000 m²/year Light Blocks 12 000 000 pieces/year Concrete Blocks 15 000 000 pieces/year Limestone quarry aggregates 750,000 ton/year.

Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd wants to explore competitiveness of its products beyond north Cyprus’ home market and to engage in market research. Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd’s construction products provide decorative and sound isolation products involving over 200 product varieties Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd would like to explore relationships with agents, distributors and contractors across the Middle.

Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd is well known for its awareness of the environment and nature. Instead of using fertile soil for its products, it uses barren soil obtained without any harmful environmental impacts. All production from Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd’s stone quarry meets the strictest environmental standards. Gurdag Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd has also planted nearly 5,000 young trees to create green spaced.

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